Thursday, December 20, 2012

Week 51: Days of the Week Towels

 Today's Christmas present it for two dear friends with a kitchen towel obsession. Remember that episode from Friends where Monica and Rachel are competing against Chandler and Joey for the apartment, and they have to answer trivia questions about each other to win?

Ross: Monica categorizes her towels.  How many categories are there?
Joey: Every day use.
Chandler: Fancy
Joey: Guest
Chandler: Fancy Guest
Ross: 2 seconds.
Joey: Uhh... 11?
Ross: 11, unbelievable! 11 is correct.

Well these friends love towels as much a Monica.  And they love Friends.  Boom. Friends reference in blog post= double Christmas present!  Your welcome.  

 So I made them a set of dish towels that will take them all the way through the week.
I bought the tea towels at Target, embroidered the fronts, and Alan added a fabric patch to the back to hide all the scrappy threads.

Monday is embroidered in orange using a back stitch, and backed in left over Fancy Napkin Fabric.

Tuesday is embroidered in green using a ladder stitch, and backed in fabric from a men's dress shirt I picked up at a thrift store. 

Wednesday is a gray running stitch, backed in fabric from the piano bench we picked up at a garage sale. 

Thursday is a turquoise back stitch, backed with apron fabric. 

 For Friday, I finally learned how to french knot!  The yellow knots are bordered by a peach back stitch, and it's backed with fabric form a vintage sheet set.

Saturday is a back stitch with french knots at the ends of each letter, and is backed with apron fabric. 

And Sunday is a pink chain stitch backed with more apron fabric

So pretty together...

And the first package under our tree!

Merry Christmas Nikki and Mateo!

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