Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week 47: Hexagon Quilt Back

 I took a few weeks off from the baby quilt I'm making. Remember it?  Yellow and gray with hexagons and triangles?
Last night I finished the back of the quilt, and hand quilted the front and back together.

I added a stripe of triangles across the center of the back.  I was just too in love with the fabric to not add some of it to the back. 

To quilt the sides together I used a running stitch around each hexagon, yellow around the yellow hexagons, and gray and white around the others.

The quilt front has a gray rectangle border around the edges. I used gray embroidery floss around the edges of those rectangles. 

The quilt isn't done yet.  I still have to bind these scrappy looking edges...

Something to do tonight...

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