Monday, December 24, 2012

Continuing the Cross Stitch Tradition

I spent a day this summer helping my mom hang up pictures and other treasure in her new home.  On a wall next to a cozy chair, we hung up a collection of cross stitch art that my grandmother had made for my mother.  Some of the pieces were made by my mom too.  So this Christmas I decided to learn to cross stitch, and add a third generation to my mom's wall. 

I started with some cross stitch fabric, some mini hoops, and my stash of embroidery floss. 
As with most other crafts, I didn't bother to actually learn how to do it, but just figured I could wing it with a bunch of x's. Can't be that difficult right?  I started by drawing the outline of some birds on the fabric.  Right away all of my coworkers told me I was doing it wrong.  I just kept going though. 

I made a pelican...

And an owl.  

But I didn't know what to do with this super messy back.  So I looked it up.

I found a tutorial on Maximum Rabbit Designs. I hadn't left enough extra fabric around the pelican one, so I was able to do the owl one according to her instructions, but I had to do the pelican one slightly differently.  

I cut two circles of tag board (one the size of the inner ring, and one the size of the outer ring). I cut some circles of batting just a bit bigger than the tag board, and some fabric just bigger than the batting.

Then I used embroidery floss to pull the fabric tight around the batting and tag board.

Two fabric covered circles ready to hide the ugly backs of my work. 

I tucked the front fabric down around the inner hoop, and hot glued the covered disks over the mess. On the owl I was able to follow her directions (plus hot glue) and fit the disk inside, but on the pelican I folded the fabric in as well as I could and glued it to the hoop.  I actually liked that way better, and will probably do it that way if I ever do it again.

That said, this may be the last time I ever cross stitch.  This was the most TEDIOUS craft I have ever done. What looks like it should have taken 10 minutes took a months worth of lunch breaks and cramped fingers.  All worth it for my favorite lady.
Merry Christmas Mom!

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