Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hexagon Quilt Finale

Finished!  Finito! Bitti! Done! phew.

 "What did you finish?"  You might be thinking... 
Just kidding.  With the amount of posts this quilt has earned, there is NO WAY you're thinking that. 
But just as a refresher...

The quilt where I had to use a homemade protractor, and lots of math equations to cut hexagons and triangles that would actually fit together the way I imagined...

 The one with the stripe of triangles across the back...The one I hand quilted...

 Well I bound up the edges.  I really wanted to hand bind it, like my amazingly talented grandmother.  When I look at the binding on her quilts, I can hardly see a stitch.  Even when I really examine.  I want to be that good some day.  Unfortunately today is not that day.  I sat down with every intention of hand binding, and it was a disaster.  I'm just not as patient and talented as she was.  Yet. So I got out the sewing machine.  And the zigzag stitch method worked, it just isn't nearly as pleasing to me.

As I was photographing I had to laugh at the layers of quilts on our bed.  From top to bottom: My grandma's wedding ring quilt, Alan's T-shirt quilt, Diana's log cabin quilt, and new baby's hexagon quilt. So much love. 

All tied up and ready to go. 

My little bundle of joy for theirs. 
We can't wait to meet you, little one!

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