Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beach Washed Christmas Tree

 Remember the beach washed wall art I made out of left over fence boards? 

Well I absolutely love it. 
 I love looking at it at night when I climb into bed, and being greeted by it when I wake up in the morning. It's one of my favorite crafts of the year.

And guess what?  I had enough wood left over for one. more. thing.

Beach Washed Christmas Tree!

I had 6 pieces of fence wood left over, and 4 fit together decently. (Pay no attention to the fact that the bottom board is a little wider than the rest.  I don't own a saw.) I used a fifth piece, along with some other scrap wood, to screw all the pieces together. 

Then I screwed in some little hooks, and strung some twine through it.  (I've found that twine is the BEST hanging method.)

Then I hammered in a ton of nails to outline the tree...

And strung a crazy amount of twine around the nails. 

A CRAZY amount. 

Beach Washed Christmas Tree, meet our other Christmas tree.  You guys can hang until I find you a more permanent home. 

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