Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week 38: Fenceboard Wall Hanging

 Hey!  Remember when I picked up all this GORGEOUS ceder fencing for free?!  Remember how I was obsessed with it, but Alan was feeling warily supportive?  Remember how it then lived in the trunk/backseat of the car for weeks, and our car got super buggy? Well I've made something out of it!
I'm actually still in the process of making a table top with it, but I finished an art piece with some scraps.  Yeah!
 I had to cut it all up into much smaller pieces.  So I had to figure out how to use this crazy saw thing.  I'm basically amazing at it, seeing as I still have all my fingers. 

And look at those smooth lines...

So I took some left overs of differing widths and laid them out to make some signs...

LOVE this scrappy wood.  

Then I flipped  them over and added some scrap wood left over from a friend's wine rack project. I screwed them together with a drill.  Slightly challenging because of the wood's OLD quality.  Notice I didn't say "poor quality."

Then I nailed a heart into the front of the wood.  I drew a heart on some magazine pages, cut it out, and nailed all around the edges.  I LOVE plump hearts so that's what I made. 

Then I strung twine all around it, and decided that this heart is too plump.  Filled in with twine, all I could see was a butt. Bummer. 

So I pulled some of the nails out and re-wound the twine. The nail holes aren't too noticeable thanks to the somewhat holey nature of the wood. 

Then I made an E for Erin...

And an A for Alan, to go around the heart. 

Because that's the truth friends.  Man I love that guy.  I love how patient  he's been with this garage sale-ing, wood gathering adventure I'm dragging him along on.  I love how he fixes up my bike for me without me having to point out that I don't know about bikes.  I love how hard working he's been, even though his current job is part time, which means I'm "bringin' home the bacon."  I love how he actually makes sure to pick up bacon to cook for me when I'm on my way to work, and how he wakes up with me at 5:30 so he can send me to work with a warm breakfast and a lunch with little notes and a sandwich shaped like a heart.  I love this guy, and art that proclaims it. 

A few more notes on making this art:
  • If you're working with antique wood like me, you may need to shout expletives every now and then, when all the nails and screws come out.  This might be an easier project with newer wood.  
  • To hang the signs, I screwed eye-hooks into the pieces of wood that hold it all together.  I figured that the older wood wouldn't be strong enough to hold it together.
  • I tied a piece of twine between each hook, and then hung it on a nail.  SO EASY!
Supplies and Cost
Wood (free scraps of fencing)
Twine (Free, left over from wedding crafting)
Screws (Free, left over from table project)
Huge box of Nails ($4.59)
Eye Hooks (free, in possession)

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