Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lamp Love

Remember when we scored these ugly lamps for $2.50 each?

And they were disgustingly covered in animal fur?
Time for a remake!

Cream colored spray paint:  Free (already owned)
Rit dye in blue and green: $2.60 at Michael's
Sand Paper: free (already owned) 
Blue Tape: $5.93

First, I sanded down the bases, so that the paint might stick better. 
Then I taped up anything that I didn't want paint on, and gave them a few coats of spray paint.

After using some additional tape to remove cat hair, I made a small cup of water and the dyes, and painted it on the shades. 
I was super disappointed with the blotchy result, so I filled the sink with water and dye and dipped them in for a minute each.  I didn't rinse, because whatever the shades are made of didn't hold the dye very well.

Much happier, I set the shades out to dry...

Ta-da!  New lamps!

I love how they go with the quilt.

And how much softer their light is than the overhead one.  Also, the only other light in our room is turned on and off by climbing up onto the bed and pulling on the chain connected to the fan, so these are SO MUCH EASIER.
Mostly though, I love that they don't look like old lamps from the 80's anymore. Yea!

Total time and money invested:
A few hours 
and  $13.53

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