Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Tiny Garden

Two weeks ago, our plan was to skillfully turn a couple of free pallets into a dining room table and matching benches.  I had suprisingly little apprehension for a person who owns NO TOOLS, and possesses NO SKILLS. 

Alan had enough apprehension for both of us.  But he was managing to be supportive.  He even "blue steeled" it when I took a picture of him sawing the pallet in half by hand.  He's amazing.
A week later we scored some amazing dining room furnature and gave up on the idea to turn that pallet into benches. 
So we were left with a sawed in half pallet... and Alan's dream of a garden.

He took the two halves, flipped them on their sides, and screwed them together using some scrap wood from the hardware store.  He lined the bin with some shade material and filled it with compost and lovely eatible plants.

Red Lettuce





And Rainbow Chard (Yes!)

Total Time and Money Invested:
Around 2 hours
Pallet: Free on Craigslist
Screws: Already owned
Wood Scraps: Free
Shade screen: $6.00
Compost: $5.99
Plants: $10.00

Total: $21.99

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