Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wall Week: Wedding Wall

To wind up "Wall Week" I have one more gallery wall. As it turns out, this one is my favorite, so it's lucky that it was also the last finished. 

Our Wedding Wall, from right to left, starts with the 1 year anniversary present Alan made me: our vows hung from one of the signs we made to direct people to the wedding. I love that the sign has our initials and an arrow pointing to the picture of us next to it.  Planned that.

The picture it's pointing to an enormous black and white that we blew up for a few bucks at Costco, and framed with one of the free frames Molika gave me.  There is no backing, and no glass, which doesn't matter to me. Though, I really should get some more tape to stick it to the wall so it stops having that big curve in it.

Next up is the GORGEOUS guest book my super wonderful friend drew for me. She used a picture of the house we got married at, and added us to the front porch.  But she free-handed all of that!  So talented.  She left all of the leaves off of the trees, the flowers off of the bushes, and the bricks off of the driveway, and our guests added those with their finger tips and some stamp pads. She worked the table to make sure everyone signed in, (and did it right) and she even took pictures of all of them doing it! Because she's amazing. 

Above that is a picture of every guest at the wedding. Love it. 

To the left is a gift from our officiant/day of coordinator/lovely friends.  The picture is one from the ceremony, and the words are all of the blessings our friends said during our "ring bearing" ceremony.  After deciding not to have a wedding party, we asked all of the friends and family who would have been included to say something about love or marriage while passing the ring from he back of the crowd to the front and eventually to us.  It was my favorite part of the ceremony, and actually the whole day.  And this is such a lovely reminder.

Above that is another gift from another couple of amazing friends.  She swears she bought this Etsy art before we even ever decided to get married.  Lucky for her it worked out for us. Even luckier, the color she picked out was one of our wedding colors.  Fate. And love. 

On the far opposite side of the wall is a first dance picture, and my gift to Alan for our 1st anniversary (a list of all of the things we did in our first year of marriage behind a silhouette of us). 

I just love this wall. I love all the white frames (so many of them were white to start, that I painted the rest to match).  I love the balance.  I love the straight line on the bottom. Mostly I love the story it tells about the best day of my life so far.
Love Love Love. 

Eventually there will be a few more additions: a couple more photos, my "something old" hankie, and Alan's airplane pin. 

As for the walls in our apartment... there are a few more that need some love:
Bathroom walls, and bathroom in general: SO BLAND.
Gigantor: the biggest wall in our apartment, spanning from living room to dining room is EMPTY.
Jacked: the wall in our dining room that inexplicably has a phone jack in the direct center. Ugh.

We'll get there.  Or maybe not. Got any ideas?

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