Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tuxedo Pillow Cover

One of my friends REALLY loves buying new throw pillows.  Unfortunately for her, her husband is not as huge of a fan of them.  We've discussed doing a throw pillow exchange, but really, I don't have any to trade with her. So I figured I could add a few to her collection in the form of pillow covers.  

I bought some silky iridescent fabric that reminded me of the ocean. I figured it would be a good match to their beachy Morro Bay home.  

I started by cutting 4 strips of fabric (1 yard x 4 inches). 

Then I folded then each in half length ways, and sewed a seam down the side.  After sewing each strip, I flipped them all inside out. 

Then I gathered each strip and used a million pins to attach them some gray suede.

Four rows, evenly spaced.

After sewing each of the ruffles down, I pinned one side of a zipper to the top of the square of fabric.

I sewed one side of the zipper to the front of the pillow, and the other side to the back.

After the zipper was attached, I flipped the front and back inside out, and pinned them tightly around the pillow.

I forgot to leave the zipper open a few inches, which made it very difficult to pull the pillow out.  Don't make that mistake.

After sewing around the sides, and flipping it right side out I had a slightly loose pillow case.  We'll see how it fits her pillows before I try tightening it up.

 I started making a coordinating pillow case to go with it...
Unfortunately it's on time out for being really unattractive. 
Disclaimer:  I have different rules for children and pillow cases. 

Happy Holidays D!

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