Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week 46: Christmas Cards

Hmmm... I'm doing some math, and realizing that I'm still way behind on my 52 weeks of crafting. Bummer.  AND  I'm struggling with how to post some of the crafts that I am making, because right now, they are all Christmas presents, and they're mostly going to blog followers.  So... looks like I'll complete my goal (duh) but do it retroactively.

My anxiety level tells me that we got a late start on this, but today Alan and I did some DIY Christmas Card photo shoots.  I wont share the ones we ended up using, but I'll show some of the rejects. 

So... our it's-raining-too-hard-to-go-outside idea was supposed to be and artsy version of the tree trimming picture.  Our tree is super tiny, which is perfect for our apartment, but we figured that would be fine. I had a vision of the camera focused on ornaments, with us blurry in the background.  Alan tried a few options...
Christmas balls...
 Adorable reindeer...
 And we trimmed the tree in the background...
Luckily it stopped raining, because we were not impressed with this idea. 

So we strapped our tree and a poinsettia to our bikes, and  took them to the bike bridge we ride across every day and started again. 

Photo shoots with Alan always start with a bunch of test pictures because he's so professional.  They usually end up with me doing something ridiculous in them because... well... I'm a jack ass.
 This is me riding my pretend bike.  Great form. 

Alan mounted the camera to the rail, put it on a ten second delay, and set it to take a million pictures at once. The first few involved us struggling to get going fast enough, and Alan yelling at me to quit blocking him.  (Attention whore.)

Then he crashed into the side of the bridge.  Ha. 

So I gave him some room on the next try...

And ended up out of the shot all together.  Looks like that was his plan all along, doesn't it?
 In this photo, you can see my poinsettia is attempting to commit suicide. It was real windy, and two of the branches blew off right after this shot.

So I used one as a prop in the next photo.  Unfortunately, it looks like I just fell asleep in it. 

I really loved most of the pictures we took, and it was a fun adventure riding around town carrying all of that festivity. Our Christmas cards are ordered, and should be here this week so my anxiety level should drop.  

Phew! Merry December!

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