Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 35: Fancy Napkins and Rings

Have I mentioned it's wedding season? This week was Wedding number 3, set in a fabulous winery in Temecula.  The bridal party wore "watermelon," the bride looked AMAZING, and the groom teared up when he saw her.  It was absolutely perfect. 

I knew I wanted to make part of their gift, because she is a crafty gal.  Also, I knew it had to be classy, because she is.  I figured something that would spruce up a dinner party would be the right choice, because she's the kind of girl who could throw a great party.  

I made a set of 6 napkins using muslin, and a quilting cotton.  I cut the muslin to 12"x12" and cut a triangle off of each corner before double folding and hemming.  Then I single hemmed the decorative fabric and layered it on top. 
Sorry about the wrinkley picture.  I folded them up before I took the picture, and then was too lazy to re-iron. 

For extra class, I made a set of napkin rings. I used copper wire left over from this, orange beads, and faux-pearls.
Make sure the beads have holes big enough for the wire to go through.

I also used Alan's trusty Leatherman (my best friend).

 I started with a few feet of wire, strung on some beads (I used 2 of each), and then twisted the wire around a wine bottle neck.
I used the pliers to bend the ends of the wire into little hooks, that I hooked together and closed.  

So elegant, and pretty easy.

Ready for a party!

Congrats Smelli and Jon!  Can't wait to come over for dinner some time!

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