Saturday, September 22, 2012

Summer Projects

It has been a BUSY summer!  We toured a friend through Turkey, took a European cruise, moved back to America, attended 4 bachelorette parties, celebrated at 4 weddings, went to 2 family reunions, DROVE ALL OVER CALIFORNIA, found jobs and an apartment, and still found time to craft.  

If you follow my crafting through Facebook, you may have figured I gave up my craft-a-week goal.  Not true.  I did give up regular internet access though, so here's the round up. (Click on the link above each picture if you are interested in more details, or instructions.)

I made lots of wedding crafts...

My amazing husband saved the day, by making these beanbags 


Lots of aprons..

Some baby gifts...

And a baby afghan for someone in need of a little love. 

Some jewelry...

I did some woodworking...

Some painting...

And we celebrated our anniversary in a crafty way!

 1 year is paper, and for us it had to be homemade.

So there's my summer in the quickest review possible.  What have you been up to?

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