Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week 24: Alanya Painting

Before I get started... These past few weeks have been NUTS. Work ended, we packed up our whole home, best-bud-Di came for 6 days of awesome, and then we went on a 7 day cruise.  Then we made our 20 hour journey home yesterday.  Yikes.  I DIDN'T skip out on doing my craft goals. I just didn't post until now, because I didn't have internet access, and because I didn't want to spend any of my time online.  So I'm late.  I'm sure you understand.

Remember Week 7, when I decided to take up painting? I spent the day at the beach sketching one of my favourite views of Alanya. After that. The pencil sketch sat menacingly on a desk waiting for paint to be added.  I stalled for so long because I was really worried that I would ruin it by adding paint.  How was I going to paint such small details without buying a bunch more brushes.  How was I going to add layers of colour without losing the pencil sketch, and forgetting what it looked like?

But time was running out.  So I traced over the whole thing in Sharpie, so that I wouldn't lose the sketch, I packed up my paints and brushes, and we headed out to the beach at 6am (the only time of day one could sit on the beach and not DIE of heatstroke).

The view I was studying...

Two Russian girls watched from this close for the ENTIRE time I painted. 
I don't speak Russian, so I couldn't explain to them, or their mother, that I am not a famous artist, which they seemed to believe.


The little fisherman is one of my favourite parts.

If you look closely, you'll see that the wind must have changed direction while I sketched, because two flags are blowing towards the right, and one is blowing towards the left.  Oops.

After painting at the beach, I came back and outlined buildings, structures, and roads in Sharpie again, because I refused to spend $10 on a super fine tip paint brush.

I love how the colours turned out. Especially the sunrise.
Something to gaze upon when I'm missing Turkey...

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