Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week 25: Towel Animals

Last week, I had to get extra creative if I was going to meet my craft-a-week goal.  We had packed up everything we own into 3 suitcases each, and none of my crafting materials made the cut.  Besides that, we spent 7 days on a cruise ship, and touring Europe, which left little time for crafting.  

Oh what's a girl to do? Towel animals.  That's what.

If you've ever been on a cruise, you know that one of the most whimsical bonuses is that your towels get folded into little animals every night while you're eating dinner.  This may have been the thing I loved the most on my last cruise, and I distinctly remember feeling tearful and mopey when I arrived home and all of my towels looked like... towels. 

So this week, I attended a towel folding demonstration, and then headed back to my room with the towel-gami instructions, to make a menagerie.

Kissing Swans

An Elephant?


And lobster. 

I didn't make any of these up, so I wont post how I folded them, because that feels like stealing.  But if you too wish you could prepare a guest room with hilarious towel animals, I found some online instructions.  I especially like her hermit crab.

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