Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Week 33: Embroidered Totes

 More wedding crafting!!!  My best friend since kindergarten, Tawnee, is getting married in September. She asked me to help make welcome bags that would double as favors for the guests.  Mainly my job was to fill the bags with things that the guests might need during the ceremony and reception: water bottles, gum, tissues, sunscreen...  Also though she wanted to use canvas totes that the guests could keep and use forever as a token from the wedding.  She suggested that I paint or stamp them all with their initials.  That would have been adorable, and easy.

I suggested that I embroider patches for them.  Even more adorable.  But NOT easy.  Idiot.  

But now they're finished, and I love them.

I embroidered all of the patches onto a large piece of teal fabric and cut them out once I was finished. DON'T cut the patches out first.  They wont fit in your hoop if you do. 

 Supplies:  Fabric.  I used a little less than a yard, but I made 52 bags... so you probably don't need that much. 
Embroidery floss, hoop, and needle
 Spray-on adhesive (or pins)

Hand embroidering the same thing 50 times is tedious, so I used a lot of different stitches...
Running stitch for ease and speed...

Split stitch for a cleaner look...

Back stitch because it's just so cute...

Chain stitch because I think it's lovely...

And the Ladder stitch. Kind of. Let's say I made this one up.     

After embroidering the initials, I cut them all out, adhered them to the totes with the spray, and machine sewed them on with a zig-zag stitch.  They would probably look so much more adorable hand stitched on, but after 52 of these, I wasn't going there. 

We ordered all the totes from CheapTotes for 88 cents a piece. 

Stitch links come from the Stitch Embroidery Guide, though most of my stitches are somewhat made up, and look super sloppy compared to the actual stitches.

More to come as I fill the bags with goodies...

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