Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 32: Subtle Transportation

Another friend joins the mommy club this September.  Yeah for April and Reiner!  When I asked about a color scheme for baby Jaxson, she said that they weren't doing a color scheme as much as they were doing a subtle transportation theme. 

To go with the theme, I made a set of subtle transportation onsies. 
Can you tell what they are yet?

 I scooped up a 5-pack of onsies at Joann for $10.99 (score!), and the rest of the supplies were already in my possession...
Spray adhesive
Embroidery hoop, floss, and needle
fabric scraps

I free hand draw some pretty adorable animals, but for some reason, I have no ability to draw vehicles.  So I spent some time on google images looking up line drawings of boats, planes, trains...

This one was easy enough to just look at and free cut some shapes.  A running stitch holds them all on, and makes the waves. 

 The hot air balloon was slightly more challenging. I sewed all the pieces together using a sewing machine, and I'll tell you, sewing on those curvy lines isn't something I'll do again. 

But I absolutely ADORE how quilt-y it turned out.  (This one is my fave.)

The words on each of these was done using rubber stamps, and a textile medium mixed with an acrylic paint. Don't dip the stamps, but use a brush to apply the paint, so it doesn't get too gloppy. 
Once the paint is completely dry set it with a hot iron.

I also spread the paint onto the tire tread of a toy car.  Vroom. Vroom. 

I added some tiny matching cars onto the tire tracks.

Lastly, to my mom and Alan's delight, I made a mo-ped.  

I did this using freezer paper (you could buy it at the grocery store, or you could just go to the butcher and see if he'd give you some for free. Mine did!).
 I traced the outline of the scooter onto the paper, and then cut it out.  Then I used a hot iron to adhere the outside frame of the mo-ped to the fabric, and then painted in the center.  The freezer paper creates a tight seal so that the paint doesn't spread. I let it dry completely, and then pulled the paper off. 

I outlined the scooter with a back stitch.  

Congratulations April!  Can't wait to hold your little guy!

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