Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blanket Ministery

We stayed with Alan's parents for a few days this week.  I was out of crafts, but itching for something to do with my hands.  Luckily, Alan's mom heads up a crochet donation group with her church.  Members of the church donated TONS of yarn, and Kitty has been collecting it to share with her group at the next meeting.  She let me pick some out to make a baby blanket to donate to the cause. 
 I used 5 skeins of yarn to make a 36"x36" granny square.  
I started at the middle, with a magic circle, and 4 little "bundles".  Each bundle is made of 3 double stitches, with 2 chains between each.  
 Each new row was made in a different color.  In the chain 2 spaces of the row below, crochet a bundle. At each corner add 2 bundles.
 As you can see, the down side to yarn donations is maybe not having enough of the right color yarn.
 I hope this blanket brings warmth and comfort to a new mother and her little one.

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