Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Alan's Apron

I may have been in a crafty slump for the past few weeks, but Alan has been quite productive.  So I figured it was time for another round of...
Crafts From His Couch!
*Disclaimer:  We no longer have a couch. All crafts come from the table, the floor, or a cozy chair.  Diana and my mom have both been harassing me about the title of the blog.  I'm not changing it. 
As may be obvious by the picture, Alan not only got into apron making, but modeling as well.  He's a man of many talents I tell you. 

For his best bud's birthday Alan crafted this outrageously gorgeous apron.  His friend had requested something handmade, or something thrifted.  With this beauty he managed to give her both.  See if you can spot the reporposed/garage sale fabrics.

Also, Alan learned the art of ruffling for this project.  Aren't they beautiful? Can't you feel the love?

He added some store-bought ribbon (the only purchased element) for the neck tie and the waist band. He was very pleased with the sweet little x's he made to add flair.

I made a flower and button pin out of some scraps, because I just couldn't resist this adorable apron, I HAD to have a part in it.
Then he had a fabulous time modeling the apron in all sorts of apron wearing situations:
pulling something delicious out of the oven...
and pouring tea from the world's most adorable kettle.

Lori, birthday girl and this blog's #1 fan, recognized all of the fabrics right away:
The floral on the top half came from the piano bench we bought and recovered,
The ruffle of yellow and orange flowers came from a vintage sheet,
The white ruffles are from a curtain we garage-saled,
The bottom ruffle came from the fancy napkins I made.
And the rest of the fabrics came from our scrap stash.


  1. This whole post is hilarious and is making me laugh so hard right now! I miss you two. Alan, I am WAY impressed with your ruffles and the Xs. xo, greenkatie