Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 42: El Dia De Los Muertos

 Happy Halloween/ Dia De Los Muertos/first day of November!  This was supposed to be a Halloween post, but I was in a exhausted-zombie state last night.  I barely made it to dinner before throwing myself into bed. 

As it turns out though, today is a more appropriate day to post pictures of these skull planters, and the festive section of my living room. :)

My sister is a Halloween baby, and decorates some parts of her life (like her leg) with Dia De Los Muertos skulls. I saw an idea for skull decorated planters on the internet a while back, and stored it away as a gift idea. I made my planters out of tin cans, cus I had some.
 This one is hanging out with Turkish-gourd-Alan (one of our wedding cake toppers), and a skeleton. 
And a mini pumpkin stuck in a pot.

I got the skeleton garland at the dollar store, the one store where I still buy random crap I didn't go in for. 

This guy is sitting on my FAVORITE pumpkin ever/Alan's most hated pumpkin. It's called a peanut pumpkin because it looks like it has peanuts growing out of it.  I think it's the most beautiful thing ever.  I may be the only one. 

Turkish-gourd-Erin made it to the party too! As did the photo booth sign from our wedding, because every good table display needs some old wood.

My favorite skull.

A stack of old Reader's Digests added some depth, a butternut squash and an empty bottle of pumpkin cider add some height.

Spiky hair skull is sitting next to two more beautiful pumpkins.  Who am I kidding?  I love all pumpkins.  SO MUCH.  They're all beautiful.

The pumpkin behind this skeleton is called "One Too Many."  Not sure what they mean by that.  Cus no amount of pumpkins could be too many.  Right?

Just loving this spooky little place. 

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