Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 13: Celebrating Spring!

Spring is here, and I couldn't be happier.  I LOVE warm weather, and sunny days, and waking up to the sun, and arriving home when it's still day light.  I love spring skirts, and dresses, and sandals, and bright colours.  I love the flowers and seeing the leaves grow back on the trees.  I love eating meals on our balcony.  I love not having to wear a jacket.  Spring is the best!  

Note:  Summer used to be the best, but then I moved to Turkey, and learned to LOVE this in between weather.  In a few weeks summer will arrive in Alanya, as will daily swims in the sea, which are my FAVOURITE thing.  Unfortunately, summer also means sweating through all of my clothes the second I put them on. It means showering two or three times a day to keep this Italian skin from feeling like an olive oil factory.  It means that I lose control of all emotions when we are outside, and I pace like a caged animal when expected to wait more than 30 seconds for anything.

Suffice it to say, I no longer see Spring as yet another month between me and Summer.  No.  I've learned to appreciate this beautifully bearable season. 

To celebrate it's arrival, I'll focus all of this week's posts on Springy crafts. I hope to spread the fever. This is one you'll enjoy catching.

I'll start off with some super easy headband embellishments.

I had this plain old headband left over from when I ripped the GIGANTIC flower off of it, to use on my spring wreath. The flower was cute, but every time I put it on, I felt like I had a bush growing out of my head.  Just too big. 
I also used this skirt-turned-dress project that I never really liked.  Too short to be a dress, to flouncy to be a shirt.  

 Super fun fabric though.

 And a shirt we bought Alan at a second hand store.  My favourite colour, but it fit far too tightly. 

 With the plan to make rosettes, I cut each fabric into a long strip. 

 Then I folded the strip in half, and ran a running stitch down the open end, gathering as I went. 

 I gathered it into a spiral, an used the thread to tack it all into place.

 A button off of the same shirt made a lovely center. 

 Lastly, I sewed a circle of fabric on, to hide the mess on the back, but also to make a little channel for the head band to slide through.  I could have just glued it in place, but thought why make one headband when I can have many?
 I did the same with my dress material...

 Used a left over bead for the center...

 And a scrap of hem for the channel...

 It slips on in a quick second, and my head holds it in place. 

 So... plain black headband...
 Pink flower...
and aqua flower...

Three headband. 30 minutes. $0. 

I'll continue to come up with more embellishment possibilities, because the world is my oyster headband.

Happy Spring!

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