Friday, April 13, 2012

A Home for Some Birds

Last night I made them a lovely home.  I used my trusty Real Simple magazines, and some scissors, and viola! Simple shapes cut into stacks of 8 at a time.  No time at all...

 Long skinny petals on star shaped flowers... 
Fat petals on cloud shaped flowers...
And circles with fringe cut all the way around for poppy like centers...
(See those beads?  They needed a hiding spot while they're waiting to be strung on something. But they're just too pretty for the inside of a drawer.)
 Some left over twine made for lovely stamen.

 Smaller versions of the same flowers made a lovely garland.

 A yarn needle, and some yarn easily strung all of the paper blossoms together.

This little bird likes his new home. 

This little guy does too. 
(My friend Sonya made these coiled REAL Simple coasters.  Wilbur stands easily using a pin stuck into the coaster and into his tummy.)
 These two are admiring my castle sketch, while reading up on "Love that Lasts." 

Spring has arrived in the spare room. 


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