Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Celebrating Spring Colours: Rainbow Necklaces

The other day my friend Sonya walked in wearing this gorgeous piece of inspiration. 

 I immediately fell in love with the lovely rainbow colours.  
So did a fellow coworker who asked, in Turkish, "Hey! Where'd you get that? Turkey?"  Unfortunately not.  Sonya brought it with her from America.
So I told her I would make her one.  (And one for me too, because I was in love!)
 So Sonya and I headed to Boncuk Dunyası (my most frequently visited store, as of late) and reveled in beads of all colours. 
 After fondling every bead in the store, I purchased a rainbow. 
 Tiny seed beads...
 Red: pearls, flat ovals, and diamonds...
 Orange: marbles, squares, and long translucent... beads...
 Green: small cubes, stones, and BIG green versions of the orange beads...
 Little blue beads with white beads inside...
 More blue: tube shapes, and small triangles...
 Purple and Silver: pearls, egg shapes, and huge diamonds.
 I started by looping the fishing line through twice, leaving a 3 inch tail.  (Look how weird the table looks. It's super zoomed in because seed beads are small, yo. Zoomed in like that, the tail looks like its made of skin.  Ewwe.)
 Then I just stung a ton of beads on. I strung about 5 seed beads between each larger bead.  This is really just one extra long necklace that I'll wear doubled up, so I just strung until it was the length I wanted, and then tied off.
I tied like 4 knots, because fishing line is shifty.  Then I left the ends a few inches long, and strung them back through the beads to hide them.  So far so good.
 I really like how the colours look together.
Yea for a necklace I get to keep!  What a great way to celebrate spring!

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