Monday, March 12, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Scrappy Flower Wreath

I have to confess:  I don't get Pinterest.  I know it's all the rage, and let's be real- inspiration boards full of crafty ideas is right up my ally.  But I'm not on board yet.  For one: I can't figure out how to get very much out of those pictures.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but clicking on one (even one that says "free pattern," or "tutorial") doesn't seem to get me anywhere useful.  I can't see the website or blog it came from, all I can see is the pinner's pinboard.  And I really don't need one more way to stalk everything someone else does.  That's what Facebook is for.   Secondly, I really don't need another thing that I become obsessive about, and waste my time with.  Again... I have Facebook for that. Thirdly, I tend to hate obnoxious, unnecessary emails, which seems to be all I get from Pinterest.

Someone. Please.  Fill me in, if I'm missing something.

BUT... I do blog.  And read blogs.  (And realize that blogging is just another way to stalk people I don't know, and waste my time on the computer.) But I love it.  I love reading people's stories, and seeing their crafts, and THE PROCESS OF THE CRAFT!  Unlike Pinterest, I can actually find out how someone did something creative, instead of taking a wild guess based on a picture.

Two of the (many) blogs I follow, are Delia Creates, and Young House Love (thanks D and B).  And today, those two blogs come together as inspiration for my blog. 

Young House Love is a blog written by a couple about home improvement jobs they do around the house. And this week they are hosting a challenge.  The Pinterest Challenge, is basically motivation to actually make something you've pinned, instead of just pinning away like crazy.  I don't pin, but for this I did.  Because if there is one thing I love, it's a challenge.

So I pinned this Spring Wreath that Delia made, and that I've been dreaming about. 

Isn't it lovely?  And made entirely from scrap fabrics and an old frame. 

I knew mine would be a little different.  I didn't have any extra frames, and I didn't want to buy one.   But I did have left over bamboo from this project... and later this one!

I figured I would make mine in more of a pentagon shape, just for fun.  

This turned out to be quite a challenge, because of weird angles, but I used some tape to hold it all in place while I was using twine to attach it.

Then I made flowers. 

 Lots of flowers.

I used two blue shirts that didn't fit Alan any more.  (I wanted more colours, but that guy pretty much only owns blue.)  
I also used scraps of fabric left over from Baby Evan's quilt.  

And I used these little blossoms from some lacy stuff I bought a long time ago, but never found a use for.

 Some flowers (like the ones above) are multiple circles (or other shapes) folded in quarters and then bunched together and sewed with a needle and thread. 

 These were made by fan folding a square of fabric, and tying around it with embroidery floss. 

 The blue blossoms were made with long strips of fabric, twisted around and around itself, and sewed together on the underside.  

 Some (above and below) are just stacked flowers.  Stack shapes smallest to largest, and sew on with a button.

This one is a larger square of fabric fan folded, wrapped around the bamboo, and tied with twine. 

I cheated, and didn't make this one.   It's from a headband that I never loved. Now it's on a wreath that I do love. 

After gluing all of the flowers onto the bamboo...

I attached a purple ribbon from my stash-o-scraps...

And tied it to the door! 

Welcome Spring!


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