Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week 10: Hamam Kits

In case you weren't aware, I love Turkish Baths.  If you're curious about this love affair, read about that here.  Or, if you want to read about it from Alan's point of view, check out A New Year's Naked Surprise.
Nothing can really compare to the bliss of having someone else pamper you, but when we found a beach littered with natural pumice stone, an idea began to form.  

For our friends and family that would love a Hamam trip, but who probably wont ever make it to Turkey, I could send a little Hamam love their way.

Materials: Pumice stones, traditional Hamam towels, and olive oil soap. 
Pumice Stones

Traditional Hamam Towels

To craft this up a bit more, I figured I could boutique style wrap the soap.  For that I used parchment paper, scissors, tape, and a Real Simple magazine. (I don't have access to craft papers here. Luckily this has just forced me to be more resourceful. I use magazines and calenders for all sorts of paper crafts that I would have normally purchased paper for.)

Olive Oil Soap... smells just like the hamam. 

Wrap the soaps with parchment paper just like you would wrap a present. 


Rip out pages with fun colour patterns and few words. 

Tear the papers (long ways) in about 2 inch strips. (You could cut the paper of course, but my scrap-book-ey friend Sonya has recently turned me on to the art of paper tearing. (Exactly as it sounds).  I used the table edge to keep it somewhat straight. 

Wrap around and tape. 

Pretty. Pretty.

I'm particularly obsessed with this nail polish one. 

Also, I've made it a goal to take nice pictures.  You know... ones that don't have a messy room in the background, or my shadow in the foreground.  I like this one. 

I wanted the pumice stones to be hang-able, because I hate all of the things that gather at the bottom of my shower.  Besides, nothing says "Clean your feet with me!" like something that has been sitting in a puddle of water on the floor of the shower.  Yuck.  

Luckily, pumice stone is ridiculously easy to drive a hole through.  All it took was a hammer, a screw driver and a few whacks. (See I am tool-y!)

Add some twine, and good to go!

 One Hamam Care Package ready to spread some comfort. 


  1. I can smell those soaps... Ah! Love the wrapping!

  2. Brings back memories... scarring memories. LOL

  3. Lovely! I want to go to one of those baths! It's be so much better then our gross shower.

  4. Thanks friends! Bryan and Danielle, we were planning on heading to the baths this weekend. We'll miss you.