Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rocks, Rings, and Jumpy Things- Focus on Photos

We're spending this weekend in the absolutely GORGEOUS, peaceful and relaxing Adrasan.  Tonight we will hike to the top of "fire mountain," so my mom can stop asking if we've seen it yet.  I couldn't be more pleased with our little get away.  Real pictures of that will be posted soon on the Turkey Blog.

But today I took another foray into the world of photography.  I've been inspired by a series of mini photography lessons on my favourite crafty blog And decided to play around with close-ups.

Beautiful beach pebbles...

Wet and shiny...

 I was in charge of the rings while Alan swam...

So I decided to play wedding photographer. 

Then I met this guy.

And this guy.

And their friend.

This one is pretty blurry, but I had to add it for so many reasons.  First of all: I DO NOT LIKE JUMPY BUGS, and this is the closest I've ever purposefully put my face to a bug. All in the name of photography. You're welcome.   Secondly: I noticed as I was focusing, that he was pooping as I was taking the picture. Shame on you, bug. Thirdly: he wasn't too happy with me for taking a picture of him in the act.  Right as I pushed the button he jumped, aiming FOR MY FACE. He missed because I screamed and ducked, but he did land on the back of my neck.  Which caused more screaming.  Thank God Sonya came to my rescue.  

And last, the cutest little frogs EVER. I love frogs. 

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