Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bracelet Buddies

Our time in Turkey is coming to a close.  We'll be saying goodbye to many coworkers who have become good friends. Bummer. 

We hosted a dinner party for all of the Kindergarten teachers on Wednesday, and I made bracelets for each of them, as "Thank you and goodbye" gift.  

I made them out of a million different beads in every colour imaginable.
If I could fill a pool with these and dive in I would... SO LOVELY!
And I used elastic to string them. 

20 teachers...
 20 bracelets.  I love them all

But especially this Strawberry Lemonade one.

And this beachy version of Fenerbahçe team colours.

And Berry Delicious.

And Sunrise.

And "Frog Prince."

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