Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week 7: I'm a Painter!

Ok, so Week 6 isn't finished, but it rained like crazy all week, keeping my bamboo nice and soggy.  And today was too beautiful to waste sitting inside, so we'll get back to "woodworking" tomorrow.

Today I decided that I'm a painter.  Well... not yet, but I will be soon. Well... I may not ever be great, but I.WILL.PUT.PAINT.ON.A.CANVAS.

I will.

Today I just sketched.  I'm also not really a sketcher.  But I can do anything I put my mind too. Right? Even if it ain't pretty.  But I'm fairly sure it will be, 'cus it can't be that hard, right?

Alan captured the view I wanted to sketch.  He was annoyed with the slant of the sun at the time of day I chose to sketch.

Hard at work, wearing a baseball hat because I lost my sunglasses, and because the slant of the sun is annoying.

The slant of the sun does allow for a stunning glint off of my knuckle hair.  Sick.

The fishermen floated in for a minute, and I captured him forever on my canvas.

When I finished, I looked the other way, and wondered if I should have sketched the snowy mountains over the sea.

Can you tell that I got fed up with the hotels and homes, and just started drawing random rectangles? Didn't think so.

Right there, snaking down the center is the castle wall, site if "The Death March."  Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here.

Unfortunately it was either light house, or ship yard.  Both are my fave, but light house won out.

Also unfortunate, I want to paint the houses on the hill as if it's morning, but I want to paint the sky and sea with sun-set colours.  What to do?

If the weather is lovely again next week I'll add the paint.  Fingers crossed I finish something. Right now I'm busily "woodworking," "painting," crocheting a baby blanket, crocheting beanies for Craft Hope, and I picked up some more craft possibilities at the beach today.  I'm starting to get looks from the husband.

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