Thursday, February 16, 2012

Crafts from HIS Couch

Guess who taught her husband to crochet.  This girl. 

Guess who can't stop crocheting now.  That guy. 
 PS:  I'm half sorry for the ridiculous pictures.  But I love them.

Anyway, back to my crocheting husband:
I swear.  He has gone from licking his lips raw, and grunting in frustration, while twirling yarn and hook randomly, to following patterns and churning out new projects every night.  Clearly he's no average student, and I am no average teacher.  So don't be intimidated by his mad skills.

This is what his couch looks like now. 

But this was his first attempt.  At a stitch sampler.  Nice huh?

I know what you're thinking:  What is that?!? And why did they save it?!

It's an ear warmer. Obveously.  And it's COLD in our house.  So it might have gotten a lot of use.  If he had made two.  Alas, the "pattern" was a series of random mistakes.  Hard to duplicate.    
 But he got pretty good right away, and by the time we headed to Budapest he had beanies for every outfit.
 He even wrote his own pattern and made some pretty sweet camel beanies.
Even when he had made far more than he would ever need, he kept on hookin.' (haha).  He made some gift beanies... 
And a huge, soft die as gift for his classroom.
And a bag to help me fill out some orders I have.

So far this is my favourite though. 
 Isn't this basket, made of all of our yarn scraps, BEAUTIFUL?!
And so useful!  We really needed a home for our overflowing yarn collection. 
He even added handles, and a pocket for all of our hooks and scissors.  

 I can't wait to see what he makes next!

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  1. Man what a crafty guy!! (harhar) I'll take one of those beanies Alan, and maybe a scarf while you're at it. I love scarves. I'll look so stylish too!