Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No More Room on the Couch!

My couch is getting really crowded these days.  I'm suffering from crafter's ADD. I have 5 projects going right now, which is great in some ways: some are snugly warm projects, while others are great-out-doorsy; some are easy to do while I'm waiting for the bus, others are more time-intensive; some will make lovely gifts for people I know, and some are for my own enjoyment.  On the other-hand, having 5 projects going at once means that I will struggle to get something finished this week.  I haven't lost hope though.

Clockwise from the top:
Beanies for Craft Hope
Fun with Bamboo
Baby Grannies
Painting Alanya
Homemade Hamam Kits  

Never an idle moment! (Except for when I'm facebooking, reading other people's blogs, and napping. So what if I have a LOT of idle moments?! Get off my back.)

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