Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week 4: Lovely Valentines Day Bunting

My mom came for a visit!  One of my favorite things about having guests is decorating their rooms to make them feel welcome.  (OK OK it is my secret goal that they will at some point during their stay refer to me as an even-better-than-Martha hostess.)

Because the room was set up with Christmas decorations from our last visitors, and because my mom would be here for the very start of February, I decided to go with some hearts.

I found this darling, and oh-so-easy crochet heart bunting pattern from Simple Beans.

And added some white every-day bunting that I came up with.  
I discovered this super easy and fun to make Itty-bitty-bunting while trying to make monster teeth.  After I got done squealing over it's cuteness, I spent a week or so thinking of something I might use it for.  Thank goodness my mom decided to come for a visit!

Here's the pattern:

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Happy (early) Valentine's Day, Erin! Pretty project, I love your room decorating ways. :)