Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 2: Flowery Headband

Floral loveliness

A dear friend of mine, and the florist from my wedding is having a baby girl soon! Yea!  So I figured her little girl needed something flowery from me.  I love big blossoms on tiny headbands, so I figured that was where we would head.

First, check out some of the LOVELY blooms April put together for our wedding...

OK OK, so this one highlights my dress, too.  And my husband.

Feeling inspired?  Me too!  If you want more of April, check out her blog.


It's a super easy and super adaptable project that can be completed in no time, and with bits of yarn left-overs.

  • yarn (any kind)
  • hook (again, pretty much any size)
Stitches used:
  • Ch: Chain
  • HDC:  Half double 
  • Sl st: Slip stitch
Using band color:

Row 1:  Chain 7. Turn.
Row 2: HDC in second chain from hook. One HDC in each stitch across.  (Turn)
Row 3- last row: Ch 2 (turning chain), HDC in each chain across. (Turn)

Continue on until your band is the right length. (Measure circumference of head, subtract 2 inches for stretchiness.)  Common head measurements: Newborn: 13"-14", Toddler: 18"-20", Child: 19"-21", Teen: 21"-22", Adult: 22"-23".

Slip stitch ends of band together.  Fasten off, and weave ends.

Now the fun part!  Flowers!

There are so many flower patters out there it is just silly to try and reinvent the wheel.  I used the six petal flowers, but here are some others.  Click the link to view the patterns.

Six petal flowers: Attic 24

 Roses: pompom emporium

 Radiant flower: crochet mania

  Lotus: Crochet mania

Pansys: crochet mania

Note:  This pattern (if you can even call it that) is totally free.  You can use it to crochet gifts as well as headbands to sell.  If you post it in your own blog, please link back to this post!
Also send pictures of your own lovely headbands! I would be happy to feature them in a post!

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