Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week: 3 Embroidered Baby Clothes

The word under the rabbit is Turkish.  That’s why you can’t read it.
There’s something about baby clothes that just makes my uterus ache, my voice squeaky, and my husband’s eyes roll.  Must be magic. 

These one-pieces are so easy, and so versatile.  Use whatever fabrics, shapes, colors, and words you want to add a special touch to your baby clothes.

I just bought plain white one-pieces, and used extra fabric scraps I had in my bag-o-scraps, and embroidery floss.  You’ll also want to buy some iron-on fabric adhesive from your local craft store.
Needles (in my super cute owl pin cushion), iron-on adhesive, hoop, scissors, embroidery floss, fabric scraps. (Not pictured: one-piece)

Draw your idea out on paper, and then pencil it in on the one-pieces too!
Pencil any fabric shapes you want onto the paper side of the iron on transfer.  Cut a rectangle around the shapes, but don’t cut the shapes out.  Iron the other side of adhesive onto the fabric.  Cut the shapes out.  Peel paper off, and iron onto the one-pieces.

Use a hoop to hold the workspace on your one-pieces flat, then stitch around edges of fabric shapes, and over your pencil marks. 

I used a running stitch for the words, the outside of the rabbit’s face, and to go around the edge of the fabric shapes.  

The rabbit’s facial features were made with a back stitch.

This little butt heart was made with a overcast stitch.
overcast or whip stitch

* Click on the link below the pictures to get a basic stitch tutorial.  If your looking for step by step instructions of fun stitches check out this link.

As always,  Happy crafting!

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