Sunday, January 27, 2013

Works in Progress...

Remember how I said, "Just because my year long goal is finished doesn't mean I'll stop crafting or blogging about crafts,"  and then I disappeared for two weeks.  Ha.  Admittedly, I've lost some drive. But not all of it.  I'm juggling a handful projects, just not finishing any.  So here's a glimpse. 

We needed a new chair, and found this beauty at a garage sale for $2.  It needs a little loving, but that's what I've grown to enjoy about garage sale finds. As of now, progress=0, but we'll get there.

Baby blanket #1:  Crochet scallop stitch in a super soft aqua.  Progress=60% finished.

Baby blanket #2: knit in the SOFTEST EVER bunny tail yarn. Progress=30% finished.  Unfortunately, when I pulled it out of the bag for this photo shoot, I pulled the needles out, and lost a BUNCH of stitches from the middle.  Grrr. 
 Disclaimer: I'm not having a baby yet, but so many people I love are.  These two blankies will go to Turkey to find homes with former co-workers.

This last project turns two goals into 1.  We have a problem at the preschool where I work: we have so many things that we don't use taking up all the extra space in our lives. One of the many un-used items is this bag of crib sheets that don't fit that mattresses we use any more.  We've been tasked with coming up with creative uses for our extras, or finding them a new home.  (Again, I'm not prego, so I have no need for these.  Except to solve Problem 2!)  Problem 2: our cape collection.  In my humble opinion capes are the perfect dress up item for preschoolers. They can be worn so many ways: as capes, as aprons, as veils, as blankets...  As creative as my little dreamers are, new uses are invented every day.  Our cape collection is so well loved.  And SO old, and SO ragged, and SOOOOO gross (some have holes that may or may not have been chewed by rats.)
So project "crib-sheets to capes" is under way!

Thanks for being patient with my lack of drive these past few weeks.  Winter makes me SLEEPY!


  1. Aw man! We totally need capes at my preschool! If you end up having WAY too many send them my way!

    1. I'll let you know! Maybe if you're feeling ambitious, we can make some this weekend.

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