Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 Resolutions

Seeing as this whole blog started as a New Year's Resolution, I thought it would be fitting to share my goals for 2013, even though they are totally not craft related.  

After my first successful year of resolutions, I am feeling super confidant about this coming year.  On top of that, I'm in the middle of reading The Happiness Project, and LOVING it,  so I have a bunch of goals for this year.

I know the rules about goals: keep them simple, measurable, and attainable.  Some are simple, some are measurable, hopefully all are attainable. :)

Category 1:  Be a functioning adult. (At 30 it's really about time.)   
  • Own dental floss.  
  •  Use it every night.  
  • Drink water EVERY DAY.  (One glass wont kill me.)
  • Get health insurance.  (Stop bragging about how "healthy" I am.  Karma causes Tuberculosis.)  
Category 2: Take advantage of my current life.
  • Enjoy living on the central coast by doing something new every week. (Walk somewhere new, eat at a new restaurant, drink a new wine, meet new people.)
  • Appreciate my baby free year(s) by saying "Yes!" to spontaneous adventures.   
  • Celebrate my relative proximity to family, by spending time with them whenever possible. 

I cheated, and started early, but I must say, I'm kicking-ass with these goals.  I bought dental floss a month ago, and not only do I floss every night, I use it as an extremely akward conversation starter constantly (I should really stop doing that).
When it comes to trying something new, I walk a new route that includes at least one new street every time I walk.  Almost every time I go out to eat I go somewhere new, and/or select something I've never tried off the menu

I just said "Yes!"  to a New Year's Eve Eve Camping trip...
Also, not to brag, but it only took me a day to earn my Tenderfoot Badge.  I'll be an Eagle Scout in no time.

A San Luis Obispo New Year's Eve Ball Drop... 
Thanks Warrens!

And a New Year's Day Polar Bear Plunge!

 Look how many other people said "Yes!"
Photo courtesy of KSBY

I'll still craft, and post fun projects, but here's to a year filled with adventures both big and small, time with people I love, and appreciation for all we have.   


  1. Yeah! I feel so honored to be a (tiny) part of you New Year success!

  2. ALMOST got the tenderfoot badge. I think you still owe your scoutmaster a physical fitness test :)