Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wedding Palloza: Card Box and Bride's Maid Jewelery

The first wedding of the season kicked off today! The bride and groom are two adorably quirky kids who decided to declare not only there love for each other that day, but also their love for robots.
The crafty groom made these robot heads.

The guests signed in on colorful wood gears.

And the cake was topped with a mini robot bride and groom.

The bride asked me to decorate a box that they could store all the cards in.  She was hoping for a mini wooden chest, decorated in the theme of the day.  Luckily, I found the perfect chest in Turkey, and was able to get to work far in advance of the wedding. 

I started by sketching out some gears...

And then cutting some out to use as stencils.

Once the gears were painted on, I wrote their names and wedding dates using my most digital looking hand-writing.

And then I decorated the front of the box with pictures of the couple as robots.  Pretty accurate I'd say!

She also asked me to make some necklaces for all the bride's maids (8 in total).  I used fishing line and beads and pearls in her wedding colors with seed beads in between, and finished them off with some green ribbon as a tie.

Me and the gorgeous bride. And the necklace. (Beautiful earrings made by my friend Sandra.)

And the whole awesome group... (The best man was a woman, so she got a necklace too!)

We all had SO MUCH FUN at this wedding.  Maybe too much fun.  What a way to kick off the summer of weddings.  Congrats to Greg and Melinda!

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