Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week 22: Beach Dominoes

 I've been dreaming about a sweet, summery, simple, home-made game: Beach Dominoes! Thanks for the inspiration Martha!

Step 1: Collect similarly shaped flat rocks at the beach (28 rocks).
Step 2: Mix lovely beachy shades of acrylic paints. (Or you can use a paint pen like Martha).

Paint a line down the center of each rock,  and then add the dots.  I started with 0-0, and then finished the 0 set. Then 1-1, and the 1 set, and so on.

I needed something to carry my new game in, so I sewed up a drawstring bag, using some fabric from an old shirt. I embroidered some dominoes on it, and used some left over ribbon for the drawstring. 

When I get back to America, and am reunited with my sewing machine, and fabric stores, I will make a new bag out of mesh material that will allow the sand to shake right out. 

But I needed to make something for the time being so that we could enjoy the new game on the beach...

Use the bag for carrying, as well as hiding the dominoes while in play.  The rocks have slightly different, shapes, sizes and colours, and you wouldn't want anyone to memorize the details and cheat.

Use the sand to stand your dominoes up like scrabble tiles so your husband doesn't peek. 

And use a stick to draw your scores into the sand.  So easy!

Now, I have a question for you... I would call this an eco-friendly craft because I used all recycled and found items to make it.  But as I was collecting my rocks, I couldn't help but think about how we shouldn't remove anything from nature, because if we all took something nothing would be left.  If I promise to return these dominoes to the beach some day (maybe another beach), am I off the hook for stealing from nature?


  1. Fun! I have been collecting stones for a year to make this as a gift... yet to collect enough (I think I have 8). They are so cool!

  2. Wow. A year? Are you trying to get a stone from each beach in California? But yes, I was thinking these would make nice gifts too!